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Fog Machines

Hurricane 2000 | CHAUVET DJ

Hurricane 2000

Amhaze Stadium | Chauvet Professional

Amhaze Stadium

CITCFX | Maniac II Fog

Maniac II™

Fog Blade

Fog Blade

G3000 Mega Fog Burst

G3000 Mega Fog Burst

LSG MKII System w/Road Case

LSG MKII System w/Road Case

Fog Curtain

Fog Curtain

Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid -  1 Gallon

Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid - Short Distance Formula

Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid -  1 Gallon

Poseidon Aqua Fog Fluid - Long Distance Formula

Cryofreeze - 1 Gallon

Cryofreeze - Low Lying Ground Fog Fluid

Technofog - 1 Gallon

Technofog - Medium Density Fog Fluid

Houston Haze - 1 Gallon

Houston Haze - Oil Based Haze Fluid

DaFiddy - 1 Gallon

DaFiddy - Oil-Less and Oil-Based Haze Fluid for the DF-50 Haze Machine

Neutronic Haze Fluid - 1 Gallon

Neutronic Haze Fluid - Comparable to Le Maitre Neutron and PureHaze Haze Fluids

Beam Splitter 1 - Gallon

Beam Splitter - Lighting Enhancement Haze Fluid

Pro Haze 1 Gallon

Froggys Fog - Pro Haze - High Performance Water-Based Haze Fluid

Faze Haze - 1 Gallon

Faze Haze - Professional Water Based Haze Fluid For Antari F-1, F-5, F-7, Chauvet Professional AMHAZE 2 and Martin Compact Hazers

Velocity  - 1 Gallon

Velocity - Fast Dissipating Fog Machine Fluid

Swamp Juice - 1 Gallon

Swamp Juice - Extreme Hang Time Fog Fluid

Quik Blast - 1 Gallon

Quik Blast - C02 Blast Effect Fog Machine Fluid