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Blizzard Lighting, LLC

Like the world’s best entertainers, Blizzard Lighting was born in the basement and raised in the garage. The only difference between you and us is that we don’t get our buzz from being on stage – we get our buzz from making you look great, no matter the setting. Rock shows, sporting events, award ceremonies, theatrical productions, churches – our unique lights ignite the potential of any event. We took what every performer and technician covets in expensive lighting and packaged its vibrant power in price-efficient fixtures. While we love what we do, we really love who we do it for: our raving fans. Our products are developed based on their needs. At Blizzard Lighting, we make hot events even hotter. We believe LEDs are the best thing to happen to lighting since the light bulb. We believe the event-makers and movers-and-shakers of the performance world deserve lights they’ve only seen in dreams, and we make their visions come true because we’ve seen them too.

Exhibiting At: 

NovaStar® MCTRL660

NovaStar® TB6

NovaStar® VX4S

IRiS™ R2


LightShark LS-Core

LightShark LS-1

LB Hex™ 


Hypno™ Beam

Aria™ Profile RGBW


Kryo.Mix™ CMY

Stiletto™ GLO19

Motif™ Sketch

Blok™ 1 IP

Blok™ 2 IP

SkyBox™ Micro

SkyBox™ W-DMX®

SkyBox™ EXA