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Chroma-Q’s award-winning entertainment and architectural lighting products have been setting new standards of performance for a huge range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Our mission is to develop products which enable users to deliver the best possible creative experience for their customers.

After almost a decade of success with products such as the Chroma-Q Original colour changer, in 2004 we launched our first LED product, the Chroma-Q Color Block DB4™.

This began a track record of introducing high-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions which - through their multi-purpose design, upgradeability and backwards-compatibility with previous generations of the same fixture - provide customers with the maximum return on their investment.

As well as our creative and white LED ranges, we also offer a full line-up of colour scrollers, effects lighting, accessories, and control & data distribution solutions.

Synonymous worldwide with quality and innovation, Chroma-Q products have been widely adopted across sectors including concerts & tours, theatre & performance, Film & TV, museums & exhibitions, clubs, bars & restaurants, corporate & hospitality, houses of worship, landmarks & heritage and retail & leisure.

Chroma-Q is distrubuted in North and South America A.C. Lighting Inc. 

Exhibited At: 
Chroma-Q | Creative LED Lighting - FxForce IR™ 12

FxForce IR™ 12 | Chroma-Q | Creative LED Lighting

Chroma-Q Studio Force II Range | A.C. Lighting Inc.

Studio Force II Range | Chroma-Q

4Play 4 Way DMX Buffer | Chroma-Q

Inspire XT™ RGBW

Inspire XT™ RGBW | Chroma-Q

Color Span 2™

Color Span 2™ | Chroma-Q

Inspire™ RGBW

Inspire™ RGBW | Chroma-Q

Studio One 100™

Studio One 100™ | Chroma-Q

Color One 100X™

Color One 100X™ | Chroma-Q

Magic Box™ EtherSwitch 7 | Chroma-Q

Color Force II™ Range | Chroma-Q

Space Force | Chroma-Q