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Conductix-Wampfler is a global leader in Energy & Data Transmission Systems! System solutions from Conductix- Wampfler are used in practically every area of stage technology! Our GafferReels can handle everything from electrical supply for Lighting Bridges to DMX & Ethernet for control and video playback. Revolving stages rely on our Curved Conductor Rails and sSlip Ring Assemblies while the stage lifts utilize our Energy Guided Chains to keep cables and hoses organized and our of harm's way. Stage and Scenery Wagons rely on our Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) systems for reliable contactless power. Mobile Media towers utilize our Conductor Rails and Festoon Systems for reliable movable power and data transmission. Combined with unsurpassed worldwide sales and service, Conductix-Wampfler has what it takes to when the show must go on!

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Cable Protection Systems | United States of America

Cable Protection Systems

ENDO Air Balancers | United States of America

EHB Series Air Balancer

Charging Contacts | United States of America

Charging Contacts

Inductive Power Transfer IPT<sup>®</sup> | United States of America

Inductive Power Transfer

Buffers & Bumpers | United States of America

Buffers & Bumpers

Radio Remote Controls | United States of America


Cable Festoon Systems | United States of America

C-Rail Cable Trolleys

Cable Festoon Systems | United States of America

Wire Rope Cable Trolleys

Conductor Bar Systems | United States of America

PowerGuard TM

Conductor Bar Systems | United States of America


BestaPower C40

BestaPower C40

Series 230 C-Track Festoon

Series 230 C-Track Festoon