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D.a.s. Audio Group

Founded under the name Dynamic and Sound in 1971, D.A.S. Audio has evolved into an internationally recognized manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, and audio processing equipment. Proudly made in Spain, but enjoyed globally; D.A.S. is synonymous for exceptional performance and reliability.

Exhibited At: 
Q-10A | D.A.S. Audio


Road | D.A.S. Audio


SF-20A | D.A.S. Audio


HQ-112.43 | D.A.S. Audio

HQ-112.43 | D.A.S. Audio

A50rack_1 | D.A.S. Audio


DSP-2060A | D.A.S. Audio


DX-80 | D.A.S. Audio


Event 208A | D.A.S. Audio

Event 208A

Altea 715A | D.A.S. Audio

Altea 715A