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G-Smatt America

G-SMATT Global is a solution providing company that creates every quality of added-value and develops all sort of office building, commercial facility, theme park, etc. autonomously by using G-SMATT Glass (also known as G-SMATT GLASS) to our clients.

For the rental buildings, G-SMATT GLASS increases the rental fee and occupancy rate and it eventually leads to the building value increase. As the result of it, we are proposed by various real estate funds with real estate investment business.

For the commercial facilities, we are persuading the development plan for the domestic and oversea areas by using G-TAINER’s capability to attract people.

For the theme park, we are under the many projects offering from the local governments to build theme park by using G-SMATT GLASS to vitalize tourism industry.

These are all possible because G-SMATT GLASS is a ‘unique product that creates added-value’.

In this rapidly changing world we live in, people agree with making profit and success by creative ideas and solution, not by solely hardworking attitude.
Therefore, aside from selling our ‘world’s only mass produced’ G-SMATT GLASS product, we are also aimed to be a SOLUTION providing Company or PLATFORM Company by creating various contents and business development.


G Smatt America, Products

G-SPIN, G-Wall, and G-CUBE

G-SMATT America, Products


Architectural Smart Glass solutions from G-Smatt



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