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Interactive Technologies Inc.

Interactive Technologies, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of lighting control systems for the Architectural and Entertainment markets. Our product/brand offerings include the award-winning CueServer Lighting Control System, the highly acclaimed SceneStation Stand-Alone Architectural Lighting Controller, multiple system integration components and DMX interfaces. For nearly a quarter century, we have built our reputation on the highest quality in manufacturing and unparalleled customer support. Our control systems are designed to satisfy three primary customer needs: ease of use, flexibility, and cost management. From cruise ships to theme parks, architectural icons to art installations, our innovative control systems have been trusted by customers worldwide.

Interactive Technologies was founded in 1996 with a focus on DMX testing tools for stage production professionals. Its debut product, the MicroTech DMX, took the market by storm and quickly became the ‘go to’ DMX diagnostic and testing tool for industry professionals worldwide. By 1998, Interactive had expanded its product line into the cutting edge arena of wireless DMX technology with the introduction of the innovative and highly acclaimed, RadioDMX. Soon thereafter, LED technology began revolutionizing the lighting industry. Interactive saw an opportunity to leverage its extensive knowledge, skill, and background in entertainment lighting to design products that would bridge the technology gap between entertainment and architectural lighting controls. A few years later, the CueServer and SceneStation controllers were born. Over two decades since its founding, Interactive Technologies continues to be a leading innovator in the lighting technology industry with an uncompromising commitment to quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Visit us at to learn more and follow us as we continue our journey through innovation.

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Insite Touchscreen black & white models

Insite Touchscreen

CueServer 2 Pro Rack Mount

CueServer 2 Pro

CueServer 2 Mini

CueServer: Mini

CueServer 2 DIN-Rail Version

CueServer 2 DIN

SceneStation (SS-305) in White

SceneStation (Stand-Alone DMX Controller)

IT-SP8R DMX Splitter

DMX Splitters

CueStation Family of Products

CueStation Family

DIN Enclosure Interior Example

DIN Enclosure