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Minleon is a manufacturer of LED lighting products including RGB color changing lights and all accessories including software. Please visit our website ( for a complete list of our products and services.

Control | Minleon USA

4-port NDB+

Control | Minleon USA

Wi-Fi Effects Controller

Luminaires | Minleon USA

Bullet Pixels

Luminaires | Minleon USA

Flex Strip

Luminaires | Minleon USA


Accessories | Minleon USA - 3-wire Spacers & 4-wire Extenders

Accessories | 3-wire Spacers & 4-wire Extenders

Control | Minleon USA - Network Data Box (NDB+)

Control |Network Data Box (NDB+)

Luminaires | Minleon USA - RGB+ Decorative Strings

Luminaires | RGB+ Decorative Strings

Luminaires | Minleon USA - 24 Vdc Architectural Domes

Luminaires | 24 Vdc Architectural Domes

TrikLits - Luminaires | Minleon USA

Luminaires | TrikLits