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We are manufacture of AQUA LOW FOG machines. No need of DRYICE, Co2 or CHILLER to produce LOW FOG! It is a patent pending system with very low operating cost and easy handling. To produce 10min. low fog with Co2 will cost round $ 100,--! With our AQUA LOW FOG VARIO only $ 3,--

MT-Electronic - Water Screen

Water Screen

MT-Electronic - Confetti & Streamers

Confetti & Streamers

MT-Electronic - CITC


MT-Electronic - Sky Beamer

Sky Beamer

MT-Electronic - Ignating Systems

Ignating Systems

MT-Electronic - Flame Projector

Flame Projector

QX-3 | Lambda Labs

New QX Series Hornloaded

MT-Electronic - Glockenklang


MT-Electronic - ProLine Laser

ProLine Laser

 ProLine PL3RGB

ProLine PL3RGB