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For Us Protection is not a word ,it is a promise Since 1982 Multi-Caisses cases have been part of your dream on the road of succes , ranging from samll amateur bands to major tour groups , protecting your most valuable equipments and gear.We assure to protect your precious materials so that ,night after night, an be ready to offer the best performance possible. our high quality and innovative cases will give you the assurance that your gear will whitstand wear of handling by road transportation or airfreight .In over 35 years Multi-Caisses has become a leader in designing and engineering the most extensive line of logistic shipping and carrying cases, for sound and lighting and multi-media equipment for professionals here in Canada or all over the world please stop by to see all our news products

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Alucase® - CASE-ALUCASE - Alucase® - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses


Wooden Crates Custom Made - WOOD-CRATE-DEMO - Wood Crates - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

Wooden Crates Custom Made

Makeup Case - MAKEUP-CASE - Makeup Case - Touring Case - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses


Case for Portable Massage Table - TABLE-MASSAGE-CASE - Sports-Recreation - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

Case for Portable Massage Table

Soft Bag brief case style - MUL-S1 - Soft Bags - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

Soft Bag brief case style

Subwoofer case Road case style - SUBWOOFER-CASE - Roadie Collection® - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

SUBWOOFER-CASE - Roadie Collection®

Case for Medical Device - MEDICAL-CASE - Medical Equipment - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

Case for Medical Device

3 Amp head rack - AMP-HEAD-RACK - Custom Cases - Products – Multi-Caisses


Pelican ProGear™ BA22 Elite Carry-On Luggage - PELBA22 - Elite Luggage - Pelican-Progear™ - Plastic cases - Products – Multi-Caisses

Pelican ProGear™ BA22

BOX-505 - BOX-505 - Plastic cases - Products – Multi-Caisses