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OSRAM SYLVANIA specializes and is a leader in manufacturing lighting solutions and specialty products under the OSRAM brand. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, MA. OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH. The Professional and Industrial Applications (PIA) group under the Specialty Lighting Division provides lighting solutions in the entertainment, projection, medical, scientific and industrial markets using LED, discharge, halogen and incandescent technologies. Displayed at LDI will be Lok-it, SIRIUS HRI, HMI DIGITAL and HMI STUDIO lamps. LED Engin, Inc., an OSRAM business based in California's Silicon Valley, develops, manufactures, and sells advanced LED emitters, optics components and light source modules in a compact, high-lumen density, multi-die package that enable solid-state lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. Products shown will be the LZ4 RGBW Power, LZ7 7-Color, LZP RGBW LED emitters, and LuxiTune a tunable white light engine.

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PrevaLED Cube G4 PL-CUBE-5000-82 | OSRAM DS

PrevaLED Cube G4 PL

PrevaLED Product Family | Digital Systems

linear and area dimmable LED

ENCELIUM EDGE Standalone Wireless Light Management System | Digital Systems

ENCELIUM EDGE™ Standalone Wireless Light Management System

Light management systems, lighting controls, wireless lighting controls, polaris 3D | Digital Systems

ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System

Interior Base Strip Kit - Color Changing LEDs, App Controlled, Beats to Music | SYLVANIA Automotive

SYLVANIA ZEVO Connect Color Changing Base Strip Kit

XtraVision® Headlight Bulb - More Downroad | SYLVANIA Automotive

XtraVision® Headlight Bulb

FogVision Fog Bulbs - Style and Performance, Yellow Light | SYLVANIA Automotive

FogVision Fog Bulbs

Long Life Mini Bulbs - Longer Life | SYLVANIA Automotive

Long Life Mini Bulbs

SilverStar Mini Bulbs - Whiter Light, Premium Incandescent | SYLVANIA Automotive

SilverStar® Whiter Light

SIRIUS HRI® Lamp Family

SIRIUS HRI® Lamp Family



Lok-it! Halogen

Lok-it! Halogen