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Rgblink, Mega Systems

PR Lighting Ltd. is a market leader of professional lighting fixtures.They have developed wide range of professional lighting solutions for architectural, entertainment and promotional uses for 30 years, along with the new LED Studio product line.

Exhibited At: 
A1 DMX Fan – Mega Systems Inc

A1 DMX Fan

AC-567B – Mega Systems Inc


TRC-700 – Mega Systems Inc


MSP 314-4 – Mega Systems Inc

MSP 314-4

D6 – Mega Systems Inc


Mosaic Panel 2 – Mega Systems Inc

Mosaic Panel 2

Outshine Q500 – Mega Systems Inc

Outshine Q500

Drama LED Z50 WW – Mega Systems Inc

Drama LED Z50 WW

XLED 6019 – Mega Systems Inc

XLED 6019

Washbot LED CYMK 300 – Mega Systems Inc

Washbot LED CYMK 300