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Rocketsign is a middle sized LED display manufacturing company in China. We are specialized in Led Display products.

We have our own manufacturing for indoor and outdoor Led displays. Since we produce ourself we can guarantee our quality. There are a lot of QC points in each production flow.  We know our product and can change it by your requirements. We do OEM for more than 5 year.

We have a wide range of machinery for manufacturing and testing, which is necessary to achieve the highest quality.

Our Research and development team is very strong in hardware.

We manufactured already for a lot of countries and do a lot of OEM services. With a reputation for innovated products, with excellent quality for the manufacturing.

Rocketsign is a company of Darklight.

Exhibited At: 
MC Series | Rocketsign Led Manufacturer

MC Module

MC Series | Rocketsign Led Manufacturer


MAGNESIUM I – RM1 Indoor – Rocketsign Led Manufacturer


MAXIMUS I – RS1 Indoor – Rocketsign Led Manufacturer


TuForce II

TuForce II

METRUS I - Indoor

Metrus I - Indoor

Metrus III - Indoor High Brightness

Mecanus II – RC2 Outdoor

Mecanus II – RC2 Outdoor

Maximus III – RS3 Indoor High Bright

Maximus III – RS3 Indoor High Bright