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From miles above the earth to miles beneath the sea, Esterline-Souriau's electrical connectors can be found in the harshest environments. Located in Paso Robles, California, Souriau has maintained a presence in the US for over 30 years. With our focus on industrial connectors we provide support to customers around the world. The company prides itself on being specialists in extreme environmental connector needs. From design to delivery, Esterline-Souriau’s multi-discipline teams master every technical, quality and manufacturing challenge. These development and delivery processes are successful due to the long-term investment in the people who work together for solutions. Esterline-Souriau continues to take pride in its strong commitment to invest in innovative solutions for a broad spectrum of global customers. With manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, Dominican Republic, Morocco, and India, Esterline-Souriau is prepared to make the right connection to quality and excellence.

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Rectangular Backshells SUNBANK | USA SOURIAU SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Rectangular Backshells

Connector Caps SUNBANK | USA SOURIAU SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Connector Caps

Power Contacts

M85049 Series – MIL-Spec Backshells

Conduit Liner

Braided Conduit

8D Hermetic Series

UTS Bayonet Coupled Waterproof Connector

UTL 2G1W5 Mated Pair

UTL 122G1W5 (shell size 12, 3x#16 + 5x#20)


UTL 102G1W3 (shell size 10, 3x#16 + 3x#20)

UTL 145 Mated Pair

UTL 145 (shell size 14, 5x#16)

UTL 103G1 Mated Pair

UTL 103G1 (shell size 10, 3 + ground, 4x#16)