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People make great followspot operators: able to watch the show, anticipate where the performer is going next, moving with them smoothly, precisely, accurately.

The best spot ops have always done better than attempts to automate or computerise the process.

Spotrack changes all that...

Now one operator, located wherever is convenient, uses a mouse or touchscreen on a display fed by a full-stage view camera to follow a performer around the stage - and one, two, four, anything up to twenty moving lights follow that performer.

It's easier. It's safer. And it opens up a whole new world of lighting possibilities...

Moving lights can do amazing things in show lighting - but they've never been very good at just following performers as they move freely around the stage.

Spotrack changes all that.

Using a patented 3D tracking system, Spotrack takes the target the human operator is pointing to on-screen and works out how to direct up to twenty moving lights to light that spot - to light the moving performer. The operator does the following; Spotrack does the rest - the best of both worlds. The performer need do nothing different - no beltpacks to be worn, no sensors to be positioned or calibrated.

But Spotrack doesn’t live alone: it becomes part of the lighting rig, handed control of any or all of its twenty lights when they are to be used as followspots, returning control to the lighting console when they have other uses in the show. Or Spotrack can take control of the position while the console keeps charge of colour, shape, size, even intensity.

And if you need to follow more than one person at the same time, or more than twenty lights? Just add another Spotrack system. Easy.

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Spotrack System