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Vista By Chroma-q

Chroma-Q®, a world-renowned brand of premium performance LED lighting solutions, manufactured in North America, is announcing that it has acquired Jands Vista software and hardware lighting control systems. Jands Vista has been providing customers and end users with quality control software and hardware through a strong partnership with its distributors in North America [A.C. Lighting Inc.] and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa [A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.] since 2004, where they relied on the “A.C. Group” for technical support and service. Vista has been adopted by a large range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Chroma-Q Junior FX Gobo Rotator | A.C. Lighting Inc.

Chroma-Q Junior FX Gobo Rotator

ProlyteStructures H40V Square Truss | A.C. Lighting Inc.

ProlyteStructures H40V Square Truss

Vista MV | A.C. Lighting Inc.

Vista MV

ArKaos Pro Stage Server | A.C. Lighting Inc.

ArKaos Pro Stage Server

Chroma-Q Studio Force II Range | A.C. Lighting Inc.

Chroma-Q Studio Force II Range