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On display will be our UL listed standard and custom Distros, networkable power meter and new PLR-MC* multiple chain hoist motor controllers. Featured this year is our line of PL2 stringer boxes with power management. These stringers incorporate the Whirlwind ROK modules designed for remotely power cycling equipment such as powered line arrays, video displays and lighting fixtures. Also on display will be the Cyclone Case line, high quality, roadworthy ATA type metal lined rack mount cases and rugged cable trunks, designed and built by Whirlwind. Whirlwind also stocks many different types of cabling used throughout the entertainment industry, multipair power cables and breakouts, feeder and power distribution cable.

Exhibiting At: 
5.1 Precision Level Control - New Products - Whirlwind

5.1 Precision Level Control

Isopod - New Products - Whirlwind


PCDIQ - New Products - Whirlwind


OC BASS - New Products - Whirlwind


DesignPRO Software - New Products - Whirlwind

DesignPRO Software

Introducing The podMIXai, the big brother to our legendary podMIX - New Products - Whirlwind

The podMIXai

Introducing The Whirlwind Cyclone line of Pocket Door Cases - New Products - Whirlwind

Cyclone line of Pocket Door Cases

Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller - New Products - Whirlwind

Introducing the ROK1- Remote Outlet Controller

Now a legendary QBOX for AES! - New Products - Whirlwind


ColourBond Printing - New Products - Whirlwind

ColourBond Printing

ISOPODCI - New Products - Whirlwind


Cyclone Pocket Cases

Cyclone Pocket Cases