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1017 DMX/RDM Merger

1017 DMX/RDM Merger


The #1017 DMX/RDM Merge allows merging and switching between two DMX sources in a one-universe system.

Through the use of automatic signal sensing across four operating modes, any port may detect incoming DMX signals and act as an input and produces two outputs; or two inputs may be merged to create one output; based on priority, HTP merge or switchable using an external contact. The 1017 is RDM discoverable and configured.

  • Three bi-directional ports
  • Four operating modes
  • Simple UI for mode selection
  • Pluggable screw terminal connector block for power IN and THRU to daisy-chain between modules
  • Two sets of pluggable terminal blocks for all DMX512 connections to support both shielded twisted pair and CAT5/6
  • Automatically locates incoming DMX signal and routes according to current mode
  • HUB: Sense input on any port and output to other two ports
  • A/B: External A/B switch for user selection of input
  • Priority: Automatically switch to Input A on active DMX signal, and fall back to Input B
  • Merge: Merge Input A and B with highest level per slot output
  • E1.20 Remote Device Management support in routing modes
  • Auto-termination of inputs
  • LEDs for Port direction, as well as power and function
  • Hold last look time and output speed user-settable by RDM
  • Multi-level cascade of modules permitted
  • Firmware field-upgradable using RDM (requires Pathway Pathport gateway and Pathscape software)
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