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250, 400, 800 & 1200 Amp Busway

Supplying the highest amperage of the Starline Track Busway systems, the 250, 400, 800 & 1200 series powers many of today’s largest mission critical facilities. One of the main benefits of Starline is that it is an overhead power distribution system, meaning no jungle of cables and whips under the floor obstructing air flow. Also, the continuous access slot along the bus gives data centers the power to easily expand or reconfigure operations.

Field-proven in data centers for decades, the maintenance-free, custom built Starline Track Busway also offers customizable plug-in units that are interchangeable between the three systems. The design of these plug-in units ensures a safe, constant connection to power- obtaining the continuous uptime that is so crucial to mission critical facilities.

Busway Housing

The Starline Track Busway 250, 400, 800 & 1200 amp systems manage to pack a lot of power into a very compact housing style.

The housing sections consist of spring-pressure type copper channel busbars contained in a full length insulator all within an outer aluminum shell. The aluminum extrusion acts as a 100% ground path meeting all necessary standards. Each housing has a continuous access slot over its entire length, and sections are joined together with bus connectors that fit into the channels of the adjoining sections.

Elbows & Tees

Often times there may be a need to make a 90 degree turn, or to make a horizontal 90 degree branch leg in a busway run. When this situation arises a busway tee or elbow can be used by connecting it to the housing section with a joint kit.

Power Feed Units

Dependent on the needs of a specific busway layout, end power feed units, top power feeds and center power feeds are all offered. These also include choices such as what lugs are used, size of the box, and optional end feed metering.

Power feed units vary slightly between the three systems. Consulting further literature or qualified personnel is recommended.


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