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Custom Stage Set Designs

From our fabrication team to our sewers that hand craft each and every product we offer, our team here at Stretch Shapes is ready to provide you with the services to complete your next custom project.

As you begin to launch your project, the team at Stretch Shapes is structured to pick up wherever you are in your creative process.

We are a team of fabricators, sewers, creative designers and engineers who are excited about bringing ideas to life. Whether you’re working with a paper sketch or a finished CAD file, our goal is to provide a finished product that will exceed all expectations. Your Stretch Shapes’ relationship manager will work with you to understand the intent of your project, where it is going to be installed, the environment it’s going to be used in, your budget and timeline of event(s). Working together, collaborating and an open line of communication is important for us to determine all materials needed in order to create a completed mock-up for your review.

Accurate and quick quotes

Once we’ve gathered enough information about your project, we will then send your personalized quote over for your consideration. Your quote will include digital proofs and/or mockups so you can fully visualize the finished product. We can then continue the collaboration process in order to refine the quote, as adjustments may be needed.

Green lighting your project

As soon as we have a green light from you, your Stretch Shapes’ relationship manager will finalize every last detail of your project, including location of delivery, billing and the expected timeline of events. This will be communicated clearly so that everyone is on the same page moving forward. Our goal with every project is to exceed your expectations and this begins with clear communication all the way through your project.

Getting to work

Our team wastes no time going to work on your custom project. Team members will be assembled to dedicate their energy to your project in order to ensure accuracy and that expectations are met along the way. From the fabricator to the sewers, everyone will be on the same page from start to finish.

Manufacturing and fabrication

The frame of your project is extremely important to the overall look and success of your design. Our fabrication team is second to none when it comes to attention to detail, precision and overall craftsmanship. Our three systems that we’ve developed, Bezel Free SEG, 360 Pillow Case and Laser Frames all have distinct features to benefit the event industry and work with fabrics that stretch. We also use a special industrial coating that adheres to the metal at a molecular level. This protects the aluminum frame from oxidizing and is invisible to the eye. This extra coating is no-additional cost and is added to all frames to protect them for years.

Dye sublimation printing

If your project requires printing, Stretch Shapes is capable of printing photo quality in just about any size. All our printing is done using the industry leading, dye-sublimation printing technology so you can achieve those photo-realistic prints. This allows us to print in rich color onto any of our lines of stretch fabric goods. Your printed project will have crisp graphics that are true color with Pantone matching if needed.

Cutting and sewing

To ensure accuracy and consistency, we use an Autometrix CNC fabric cutter for all our custom projects. With a massive 12.5’ x 25’ cutting bed, the Radium edition CNC fabric cutter is one of the largest in the industry. Once cut, our sewers assemble your stretch fabric using the best Juki sewing machines so that your stitching will last and look professional. Our pattern department really love what they do and create patterns that work very well, some say it’s our secret sauce.

Quality control

Our team is not satisfied until your project meets our quality standards, which are the highest in the industry. We will set up your project in our large test facility to ensure set-up is correct and everything fits the way it was designed to, including the fabric. We make all adjustments needed at our facility before shipping to ensure perfection.


After your project passes our quality control inspection, it is then carefully packaged for delivery. Nearly all custom projects are shipped in a wood crate for added safety and assurance that your materials will be delivered unharmed. All materials will be cleaned and packed tightly to reduce the risk of damage while in transit. Your relationship manager will send you a shipping confirmation number as soon as it is available.


We want your install to be as easy as possible. A step-by-step instruction pamphlet will be included in your packaging. Before packaging, we will also make sure that every part is properly labeled so that it matches your instructions. Of course, if you run into challenges, we are here to assist over the phone as needed.

Working with Stretch Shapes

Our team is structured to help your from start to finish in the most efficient way possible. We work fast, but understand that every detail matters so that our clients can put on their events without any trouble. Regardless of where you’re at in the creative process, give us a 

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