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Upstage Video | LED Screen Rental

8mm SMD LED screen

These brand new 8mm SMD LED screens were installed on a pair of Barco B10s and offer major improvements over the original B10: 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio The 8mm SMD LED screen offers more than twice the resolution of the old Barco product The bottom of the screen now trims at 10' as opposed to 8'. That's a big deal folks! Its small footprint allows you to position a screen just about anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of a truss-supported screen. While some people think an 8' x 13' screen is too small, we believe that multiple smaller screens can be much more effective than one large 17' x 27'. Obviously, each event is going to have very specific needs, but we have had great success using these screens stage left and right of the Stageline mobile staging units. They are absolutely the most affordable way to offer a two-screen solution. They are also self-contained with a quiet onboard Kohler generator and a small control room, which we fit out according to each show’s production requirements. These units are perfect for mobile marketing tours and can easily be wrapped in vinyl branding and staffed by one tech-driver.

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