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A21 Dimmer Systems

A21 Dimmer Systems

Designed to be  flexible and can be tailored to architectural or entertainment applications.

A21 Dimmer Cabinets - pre-wired enclosures that contains the power modules, a control processor module, internal wiring and load, supply and control terminations. Three cabinet sizes are available for 3, 6 or 9 power modules.
A21 Power Modules - Dual and quad power modules are available in a variety of ratings for incandescent/inductive (low voltage, neon and cold cathode), fluorescent and non-dim loads.

Key features and benefits:

  • A21 features standard SCR and quiet IGBT dimmer modules that are simple to install and configure.
  • DMX512 input
  • All dimmers feature a diagnostic LED indicator to show dimmer status
  • A main breaker option is available on 6 and 9 module cabinets
  • 120 or 277 volt operation UL924 Emergency option ETL and cETL listed
  • Modules support incandescent, LED, neon, cold cathode, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, PowerSpec HDF, Mark 7, Mark 10, three-wire fluorescent and non-dim loads
  • IGBT and Standard SCR dimmer modules are available for dimming a wide range of loads
  • Fully digital control electronics
  • Local controls are provided on each module for set up and testing
  • Architectural control
  • ShowNet Ethernet Network option
  • Convection cooled
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