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Absen M2.9 Mobile Indoor LED

Absen M2.9 LED offers both convex and concave screens for design flexibility. The new improved locking system makes it extremely easy to change between flat and curved setups!

  • Improved speed on the build
  • More durable
  • Professionally designed latches makes it easier to link tiles together
  • Curvability
  • Allows for more creative designs
  • Allow you to make a box; no current LED products allow for that
  • Improved features for more creative walls / shapes
  • Broader range of cross-rentability
  • Reduction of batch issues
  • Sets up and tears down faster
  • Reduces fatigue because it has easy set up, improved latches
  • Lightweight tiles reduce installer fatigue

Made For Mobile

  • Ergonomic design: lift and install in one movement
  • 24% lighter than traditional panels

Perfect Picture

  • Flicker free broadcast ready high refresh rate
  • Sharp color & brightness uniformity

Superior Support Solutions

  • Drop, pop & lock curvable ground structure
  • Eyebolt and 2″ clamp hanging bars
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