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AC2 Wireless LED Controller

AC2 Wireless LED Controller

The AC2 Wireless LED Controller has a radio-frequency transmitter and a large rechargeable battery built into its housing. That gives it the ability to power up to 4 lamps for many hours and in addition control their RGB light optput and their programs. For wireless event illumination the AC2 offers the possibility to have a powerful setup without showing cable-clutter.

The Wireless LED Controller can be used as a standalone unit with its 2-line display and control panel. The product is able to display colorful programs and offers additional functions like adjustment of brightness fade and speed of the LED lamps.

In addition the Wireless LED Controller can be addressed with wireless DMX signals and the LED Remote Control to offer a control from a distance of up to 300m. This wireless LED control enables the product to be integrated into large wireless LED systems that control many pixel to form colorful LED setups.

For the Wireless LED Driver Astera currently offers 2 Illuminants: Wallwasher and Pixel Tube adapter. These light sources can be connected to the Controller via XLR cable and can be connected in a chain to power up to 4 units. In addition, OEM projects can be requested to connect other lamps to the AC2 to give them wireless capacities.

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