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Acrobat G6

Acrobat G6

The G6 is the latest generation of Acrobat, the renowned control console that first began setting industry standards over 16 years ago. Since that time, Acrobats have been used in countless large shows and unforgettable automation projects around the world. The G6 and its software are the culmination of years of experience gleaned from our customers and our automation specialists.

A shortcut panel with LCD buttons provides onetouch control of preprogrammed actions, as well as the ability to display the status of external equipment and to provide quick access to frequently used desk functions. The combination of sophisticated software and 6 playbacks makes this console a natural choice for installations normally requiring a fixed operating position.

Full 3D graphical simulation of cues in virtual mode complements the desk’s standard features, such as blind cue plotting. This allows shows to be plotted and viewed in simulation before the scenery is built, saving valuable technical time on stage. eChameleon embedded software, a common platform across our consoles, has extra functionality but is easier to use. This ensures that an Acrobat can control the most complicated of performances every night but is not daunting to a less experienced user running a simpler show.

Acrobat·G6 uses Windows® Embedded Standard 7 on solid state drives for enhanced reliability.

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