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Barco Medialon

Barco Medialon

Medialon is a set of software and optional hardware show control solutions that can handle anything from a simple presentation to a complex multi-show event space.

Medialon Manager V6
Turn any PC into a show controller with Medialon Manger v6 software. Audio and video streaming, links to database, media management, and facility wide control are not dreams anymore. Get a programming interface, GUI builder, and show execution engine with this all-in-one software!

Medialon Showmaster LE
Showmaster LE is designed for small to medium show control applications in museums, showrooms, stores, restaurants, and attractions. It can also be used as subsystem in larger shows or attractions. Its ability to generate 3 HTML touch panels, accessible by web browsers on any tablet or PC, makes it very competitive for such applications.

Medialon Showmaster PRO
Showmaster Pro is designed for medium to large show control applications in museums, showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, and attractions, or when a large number of controlled devices require additional interfaces.

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