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The C4 is the mini version of the C6 Snow machine. With the same quiet performance and 50% of the output capacity of the C-6, it's more cost-effective and suitable for a smaller performance stage. The C4 Super Silent Snow Cube offers super quiet operation and superior snow output.  Whether your need is on a stage or outdoors, the C4 is up to the task with incredible range and float of flakes.  When paired with Froggy's Flakes you are guaranteed to see faces light up as you bring the magic of a small flurry or blowing blizzard. Its very effective at combating stage noise, just 62dB from distances of 30 feet allows audiences and spectators to focus on the show at hand. The C-4 is a professional class machine with small and lightweight footprint, which makes hanging and transportation easier than other machines in its class. The unit allows for DMX 2 channel control with on board timer functions and wireless control included.



The C4 quieter than the competition!  Registering at only 62dB from 30 feet at full power.  That means the C4 is no louder than your dishwasher!  This makes it virtually impossible to hear from any audience.



With a spray distance of 30 feet, you can cover smaller size stages with ease.  This makes it perfect for dance recitals, photo shoots or even filming in a focused area.  



Unlike so many other machines in the same price range, the C4 offers you full control of flake size and blower speed.  Whether small realistic flakes or large blizzard you can do that!  



The Included Hanging Bracket allows you to hang the C4 just about anywhere.  Need more angle?  You can easily adjust the bracket to hit the spot you need.



By far one of the most impressive features is the multitude of ways to control your C4 Silent Snow Cube.  The Machine includes 2 channel DMX, a wireless key fob remote, digital controls and timer set on the backlit display.  You have ultimate control, never miss a cue again!


The C6 Silent Snow Cube comes with our 2-year warranty.


Get more production, control, and peace of mind with Froggy's Fog Machines.

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