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Brail Winch

Hand operated brail winch shall be capable of lifting and holding 700 pounds. When released, winch shall allow gravity to close fire curtain within 30 seconds, but govern the rate of descent such that the last 8 feet of travel shall not require less than 5 seconds. Sufficient mechanical advantage shall be accomplished through a combination of detachable handle, parallel helical gear reducer, and roller chain drive. Final drive ratio shall allow winch to backspin freely. Wire rope drum shall be 8" diameter, welded steel construction, supported by 1-3/8" shaft and two ball bearing pillow blocks. Provide one key slot in drum for attachment of 1/4" galvanized aircraft cable with swaged stop sleeve. Fire curtain shall be held stationary by a non-asbestos caliper and disc brake attached to the input side of the reducer. Caliper shall be attached to the fire curtain release line through solid linkage and a lever arm. A twelve pound pull on the lever arm shall engage the brake and hold the fire curtain stationary.

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