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Event Technology solutions for business customers | Adam Hall Group

Brand Spaces Sales aids for trade

Brand Spaces Sales aids for trade Whether online or offline – the Adam Hall Group is a sought-after partner in the specialist music stockist industry. We know the requirements that dealers have for their suppliers, especially with regard to incredibly fast changes in customer purchasing behaviour. A necessary tool for modern customer contacts in shops or department stores is attractive and pleasing product presentation. It must give a useful overview of the products on offer, make the purchase decision easier and faster, and ensure cost-effective payment processing with modern labelling. POS displays, varied sales aids, attractive merchandising for various items from our brands, and the comprehensive collection of elaborately produced catalogues and brochures clearly encourage sales in specialised shops. For online trade we offer intelligent, product-based dealer integration via various brand websites. The interested private customer then sees at a click which dealers have which items in stock in their online shop, and can order directly from them.

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