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CDC Seven

CDC Seven

Cadac CDC seven is the latest in Cadac’s digital console lineup.  

The CDC seven takes the CDC six format, Cadac’s best-selling digital console, a step further by providing dual screens, increasing the number of faders to 36 and expanding the input count to 96. It still retains the incredible ease of use with the minimal learning curve of the CDC six, along with its 56 busses, of which 48 are configurable, but provides the user with the luxury of an expanded physical user interface.

All 36 faders on the CDC seven feature stereo metering, with a full colour user definable OLED display above the fader to make channel identification fool proof.

Due to the impact of the latency inherent with existing audio protocols Cadac designed its own - MegaCOMMS, a digital audio network developed to meet the increasing performance demands of live sound. MegaCOMMS allows the CDC seven to have a total through-system propagation delay from inputs on stage to outputs, including all console processing and A-D / D-A conversions, of 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 400us.

As a result of Cadac’s innovative user interface and latency management, the CDC seven is an incredibly attractive proposition for those who want something that stands head and shoulders above the norm.

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