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CDC seven-s - Cadac Digital Mixer

CDC seven-s

The Cadac CDC seven-s is the new flagship console in Cadac’s digital lineup. It takes the original CDC seven a step further by expanding the input count to 128 and the configurable output count to 56. It still retains the incredible ease of use with a minimal learning curve but with the luxury of the enhanced physical user interface. The CDC seven-s is not only physically larger than its sister consoles, the CDC six and five, but it also has a greater channel count, with 128 input channels and a configuarable bus count of 56. It shares the same operating system and feature set as its smaller siblings meaning that show files can run across all three. A fundamental design foundation of Cadac digital is latency management. Due to the impact of the latency inherent with existing audio protocols Cadac designed its own - MegaCOMMS, a digital audio network developed to meet the performance demands of live sound. MegaCOMMS allows the CDC seven-s to have a total through-system propagation delay from inputs on stage to outputs, including all console processing and AD/DA conversions, of 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 400us. As a result of Cadac’s innovative user interface and latency management, the CDC seven-s is an incredibly attractive proposition for those who want something that stands head and shoulders above the norm.

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