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  • Product type:CFC
  • Pixel pitch:3.9mm/4.8mm/5.9mm/6.9mm/8.9mm
  • Brightness:3000nits-5500nits/3000nits
  • Cabinet material:carbon fiber 


  • Carbon fiber cabinet with high precision and great flatness, also much lighter with 8kg/cabinet only;
  • Hollow cabinet design is available for creative design and applications;
  • Each module applied double bottom shells design which can be removed from the back for IC repairing;
  • Integrated power box design with current-sharing power back-up to save energy and avoid black screen;
  • Straight / bevel edge design is available for different installations in different occasions with actual demands;
  • New gear quick lock that only one person can finish the installation;
  • The size of 500X1000 is the ideal choice use in stage background, bar, wedding ceremony and other applications.
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