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Christie Pandoras Box R3 Media Server Quad Pro 4DVI

Key Features

Both the Pandoras Box QUAD Players are the perfect companion pieces for e.g. theatre projects, digital signage applications, corporate meetings and architectural installations. These reliable hardware systems can also be used in bars, clubs and museums as part of long-term fixed installations. 

The additional outputs included in the QUAD systems make it possible to create projects and displays that make use of multiple projectors. Full Control With a large number of new visual effects, including advanced keying filters accessible to every layer, video composition is brought to a new level of creative possibilities. 

DMX Matrix Output The built-in DMX Matrix rendering allows the creation of customized applications, where LED or lighting fixtures are required to be used as pixels for giant video surfaces.

You can use a DMX console or unlock the full features of Pandoras Box DUAL QUAD Player with the built-in timeline or coolux Manager to get full access to all parameters. Industry standard protocols support any external control via TCP/IP, SMPTE, MSC, SACN, MA-NET, Art-Net and DMX512 and many more.

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