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a-Class Advanced Performance Systems — VUE Audiotechnik

a-Class Advanced Performance Systems

VUE’s pristine sonic character and consistent voicing in a complete range of advanced passive systems for working professionals a-Class systems offer working professionals the perfect balance of sound quality, versatility and value. Benefitting from many of the same design principles behind VUE’s flagship h-Class, the a-Class brings similar voicing characteristics to a highly versatile family ideal for real-world applications ranging from houses of worship to theaters, auditoria, and portable PA. And thanks to exceptionally consistent voicing across the range, users can easily combine different a-Class models into countless configurations while maintaining the signature “VUE family sound”. While all a-Class loudspeakers deliver exceptional sound quality when paired with any high-quality amplifier, the sophisticated DSP and amplification available from VUE’s V4 and V6 Systems Engines takes a-Class performance to an entirely new level. The rack-mount V-Series amplifier/ processors bring SystemVUE networking technology to the a-Class family, while their powerful onboard DSP optimises a-Class performance for any application and configuration.

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