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LED CO2 Cryogenic Special Effects Smoke Stage Jet Machine DMX 512

CO2 Cannon Theatrical Smoke Special Effects Jet

Atlanta Special FX®  CO2 Cannon Theatrical Smoke Special Effects Jet is considered the super nightclub and party venue cooler and instant room freezer. Three streams of Cryogenic theatrical co2 fog smoke provide triple the cooling effect along with the stunning visual special effects enhanced by the stage lighting. 

Atlanta Special FX® has made all of our Special Effects Stage Equipment easy to install and assemble and very easy to operate.  Please read all safety instructions that are in your owner's manual prior to operating any high pressure CO2 Special FX Equipment from Atlanta Special FX®.   Our CO2 Special FX Stage Equipment is made here in the USA of American parts and components and best of all it is assembled by American manufacturers that are in the entertainment industry.  That makes our CO2 Cryo Jets the best CO2 Stage Jets in the world for dependability as it will rarely break down.  We guarantee our CO2 Special FX Jets will last you for years to come and is a solid investment for your nightclub or Stage Venue.

The LED DMX 512 CO2 Cryogenic Special Effects Smoke Stage Jets are sure to brighten up your event.  Now CO2 Jet machines are more affordable than ever.  Compare our prices and ask "Why are other CO2 Jet companies selling for nearly double the price?" Take advantage of the buying power of Atlanta Special FX® and a decade of CO2 cryogenic special effects experience.  The super cold co2 fog smoke jets add an awesome visual effect and the cryo smoke fog dissipates in seconds.

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