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crystalCLEAR Virtual Radio Mixing Console Remixing Radio Meet crystalCLEAR, the virtual mixing console for radio. Its entire control surface is software, driven by a multi-touch interface on a high-resolution computer display. Without the limitations of physical knobs, buttons and faders, crystalCLEAR presents the user with only relevant controls and information, hiding anything not needed for the task at hand. Sometimes a few faders are all that is needed to control levels during a segment. In this case, crystalCLEAR provides the faders to users. At other times, more faders may be required to host a show mix of multiple signals. crystalCLEAR is fast, intuitive and easy. Operators will feel right at home right away. It's as easy to drive as a tablet computer, while powerful enough to manage complex workflows in the most fast-paced broadcasting environments. One touch and you'll be convinced.

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