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CT Stage Deck

CT Stage Deck

The CT Stage Deck platform is a mobile stage system that can be used for any indoor or outdoor application. Be they concerts, theatres, schools, exhibitions, or fashion shows the CT Stage Deck has it covered. The aluminum profile offers an enormous flexibility and compatibility with other manufacturers.

Due to the external notch system additional parts such as railings can be attached with ease. Furthermore platforms can be connected via these notches while the included “Deck Level” ensures they align to the same height. The Leg connections are specially designed for both round and squared platform legs. Featuring a maximum dimension of 2.4″ x 2.4″ (60 x 60 mm), allowing for incredible compatibility with existing products. CT platform legs are completely adjustable in height using a simple star knob giving for maximum flexibility.

Most systems on the market will use either round or squared legs with no ability to choose between the two. Cosmic Truss’ new pressure cube is usable for both round and squared legs universally. Meaning there is no need to change, saving time and costs of purchasing extra parts. No matter which legs are used, Cosmic Truss’ new pressure cube will always provide maximum stability.

Another product available with the Stage Deck is the Transport Trolley accessory, specifically designed to transport Stage Deck up to 15 pieces. Just one more way Cosmic Truss increases your speed and efficiency of using the Stage Deck CT.

The Stage Deck CT series has been designed with ease of work in mind. This is reflected in the Stage Deck requiring only four different connectors in the entire system. This makes the Stage Deck CT not only one of the most versatile stage Decks on the market, but also the fastest to set up.


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