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CueServer 2 Pro (CS-900)CueServer 2 Pro (CS-900)

CueServer: Pro

CueServer 2 is unique lighting control solution featuring the most comprehensive combination of stand-alone show playback, architectural lighting control, show control, and system integration functions in one easy-to-use package.
CueServer 2 has the capability to manage entertainment style lighting playback and sophisticated architectural control simultaneously. Networked button stations, LCD touch screens, and apps for mobile devices round out the CueServer 2 family.

CueServer 2 is a robust, elegantly packaged Ethernet-based lighting controller that is small in size, but big in capabilities! CueServer 2 can seamlessly blend stand-alone architectural and show control functions to produce elaborate playback systems custom tailored to your specific needs. 
CueServer 2 can function as a simple stand-alone playback controller, an architectural lighting processor, a show controller, or even as a wireless remote lighting console. 

CueServer 2 is ideal for LED displays, architectural lighting, retail projects, museum attractions, theme parks, trade show exhibits, animated signs, churches, water fountains and so much more. CueServer easily scales from the smallest single-fixture project to large-scale networked solutions. 

We proudly design, engineer and manufacture CueServer 2 in USA.

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