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CVS LK FO4SM 8/5 hybrid cable

The new CVS LK FO4SM 8/5 hybrid cable features 4 strands of Single-mo- de Optical Fibre (SMF) (9/125) and 5 conductors of 10mm2. Speci cally designed for live entertainment and broadcast events, this addition to theeurocable line by Link o ers users the unique ability to deliver power and data for extended distances in harsh environments.

When coupled with Link’s new LKO hybrid expanded beam style connector, setup time is reduced and reliability in the eld is greatly improved. Designed with tactical characteristics, the LK FO4SM 8/5 cable is cut/abrasion resistant and can also be terminated to conventional fan-in/outs on request.

By leveraging the optical, mechanical, and electrical expertise of our team, Link provides our clients with con gurable solutions for the transport of power, Ethernet, audio, video, DMX, and GPI/O. With the addition of the DGlink mux/demux modules, we can provide up to 64 optical channels at 10Gps each.

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