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DG-3303 Cannon King Follow Spot Light 330W 15R-Follow Spot Light-DAGE Stage Lighting

DG-3303 Cannon King Follow Spot Light 330W

DG-3303 Cannon King Follow Spot Light 330W 15R PRODUCTION DESCRIPTION: DG-3303 Cannon King is a small size, low power, long life, high brightness follow spot light, it combines high-quality materials from foreign country and DAGE’s exquisite design technology, 50W 380V power supply with 12v, 5V voltage, which has strong anti-jamming capacity;own R & D dedicated optical lens, high strength concentrating effect; with 5 colors + white; linear manual angle adjustment, the opening angle from 2.8-30°, the adjustable color temperature can meet both follow spot and color washing effect in the event, Inheritance DAGE decades of professional quality skills, with rich, superior hardware facilities and production processes, to implement global quality standards and strict quality control system, so that the light is consistent performance and quality, unique charm always!