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Adjust the beam up to 60 degrees with micro-lens inserts. 

The Luxium DK OPTICAL DIFFUSER KIT is a set of five different filters that are used to adjust the beam angle from narrow to wide flood configurations. This is an excellent option for creating a smooth and uniform beam with Luxium Lights. These filters are easy to install on the front of the lamp and are held in place by the bezel ring. Used for applications that require a beam that spreads out over a wider angle than the standard narrow beam spot light, the kit includes an elliptical filter for wall wash applications.


  • Material: High-efficiency micro-lenses in optically clear polymer
  • Superb angle control, beam smoothing and color mixing
  • Snaps into front bezel for quick set-up of desired beam diffusion angle
  • Designed to fit on the front of each type of Luxium light fixture
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