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 DIN Rail Installation Splitter

DIN Rail Installation Splitter

  • DMX splitter/booster
  • DMX repeater
  • Input optically isolated
  • Each output individually optically isolated
  • RDM support (all ISP-4R and ISP-6R models)
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Built-in termination
  • RJ45 and pluggable screw terminal variants

The DMX splitters of the ISP-4/ISP-6 line of products boost an incoming DMX signal and provide it on four/six output ports. This allows for safely going beyond the 32 devices limit of the DMX standard, as well as for building star topologies.

The ISP splitters also act as repeaters, and thus they may be used for transporting a DMX signal across larger distances.

DMX signals often get disturbed by the environment or even by the devices connected to the signal line. An ISP splitter may completely clear the disturbances if it is connected at a location where the signal is still “readable”.

Providing individually optically isolated outputs, as well as an optically isolated input, the ISP splitters may prevent harmful voltages applied to a given port from affecting the other ports and damaging the connected equipment.

The ISP splitters work within DMX/RDM environments, as well as in pure DMX environments. The devices are DIN rail mountable and powered by an external power supply unit.

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