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DMX-Recorder - XRC-200

Home News Products Company Jobs Contacts DMX Tester RDM Controller / DMX Tester 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Ethernet DMX Node 2:8 DMX & RDM Splitter DMX Splitter DMX & RDM Splitter DIN Rail Installation Splitter XSH Hybrid Splitter Wireless DMX Splitter XWL Series DMX Merger DMX Recorder Single Channel Sine Wave Dimmer Home » Products » DMX Recorder DMX-Recorder - XRC-200 side side side side thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Leaflet XRC-200 English High resolution Image as Zip XRC-200 Firmware v1.07 as Zip XRC-200 Firmware v1.06 as Zip XRC-200 Firmware v1.05 as Zip Data Backup Tool v0.5 as Zip Data Backup Tool v0.4 as Zip Data Backup Tool v0.3 as Zip The XRC-200 is an easy to use DMX recording and replay unit. The operating concept is similar to a CD player and can be used by non-professionals. The sequences are recorded from a lighting console, or other DMX output device, onto the device. The XRC-200 replays the recorded sequences in real time. With the ability to record 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), the XRC-200 is also suitable for LED and moving light applications/installations. A variety of applications in architecture and entertainment, tradeshow, retail and museum lighting are covered with the XRC-200 easily and economically. The optional XRC-CT15B contact box with 15 inputs for dry contacts allows a customized integration of trigge

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