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Drama LED Z50 WW – Mega Systems Inc

Drama LED Z50 WW

MEGA-Lite introduces the DRAMA LED Z50 WW, a hard-edge fixture that can be used in multiple applications. Equipped with a 50W LED lamp, this compact unit can project sharp or soft edged beams ideal for theaters, museums, commercial applications, contemporary use or any project in which a precise spotlight is needed. The Drama LED Z50 WW offers a High CRI which gives it radiant color rendering capabilities. With the capability of a 19º-36º Zoom Range, users have the ability to manually focus and zoom. It is sold as a on/off fixture with the ability to accessorize it with a DMX Controller that features a built-in knob that enables manual dimming of the unit. Equipped with a gobo holder, it can be used to project unique patterns. In addition, the Drama LED Z50 WW includes a rotation on the barrel which allows users to rotate the gobo to their specific need. It is included with a Gobo Holder, Gel Holder and Power Cable.

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