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Color Flat Panel Sails Wedding Design- Flat Panel Sails Printed Black Flat Panel Sails Flat Panel Sail Sculpture

Flat Panel Sails

Create stunning ceiling installations and attractive backdrops with Stretch Shapes™ collection of premium Flat Panel Sails. Achieve brilliant effects by illuminating Panels with stage lighting or install them in areas with natural light as bold stand-alone pieces.

Exclusively fabricated using IFR (inherently flame retardant) Trapeze Plus® stretch fabric. Finished with robust two-ply stretch hem borders and your choice of grommeted or fabric loop corners for refined presence and increased life span. Our geometric shapes are an excellent choice for your event backdrop, church stage design, shade structure or as a contemporary projection screen. Spark your imagination with this collection of helpful images.

Printed Flat Panel Sails: Now with our dye-sublimation printing process, you can turn your flat panel sails into a unique and eye-catching branding tool. 

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