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E-Flex Flextool Configurator Software

E-Flex Flextool Configurator Software

The E-Flex relay panel has an on-board user interface with LED seven-segment display and menu buttons to allow programming of the panel. This can be simplified using the Flextool Configurator software running on a laptop, notebook, or Surface tablet.

Flextool Configurator software is an offline Windows application for creating and editing configuration settings for the E-Flex relay panel (EFRP). The configuration settings can be stored to a file on a PC, uploaded to an EFRP, or configuration settings can be downloaded from an EFRP for editing and storing to a file. Factory-defined configuration templates are provided for common applications to minimize programming. Easily configure multiple identical systems simply connecting to the USB port on the panel and uploading the configuration.

From the Flextool Configurator software you can change the panel ID, set a panel name, edit any of the 19 presets, set fade times, set preset names, as well as zone names.

Configuration is simplified using tabbed controls with easy to read drop-down lists for programming options, spin-boxes, checkboxes for zone assignment, and spreadsheet tables for editing presets and setting zone type and trim.

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