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Easy Stand Alone DMX Controller

Stand alone USB-DMX interface, 512 channels, 255 scenes, Clock/Calendar. Works with EASY STAND ALONE software only (not compatible with ESA PRO, Suite and Suite 2 software). Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/SEVEN 32-bit or 64-bit version. This is easy to get working with our decoders, RGB, RGBDW, RGBW, and RGBA ribbon and we provide great information and technical support. The SLESA-U8 includes: A controller box and USB cable (hardware). A bonus mini-USB adapter you can plug into a standard 120 VAC wall socket to operate your controller in stand-alone mode. The manufacturer does not provide this adapter, but when you buy from us, you get it as part of the package. Our opinion is that if you buy a stand-alone controller, you should be able to run it in stand-alone mode, with a small adapter, as well as tethered to your computer. A CD (software) containing the software and manuals. A custom "Getting Started" guide you won't find anywhere else.

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