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Axis Profiles allow quick and easy recording of freeform single-axis motion, with simple joystick-based control. An inbuilt editor allows for fine modification of recorded profiles. A mathematical Effects Generator can match your imagination with its flexibility, with express creation of complex, multi-axis motion. For applications in more than one dimension, powerful tools (including Sculptor our “teach and learn” technology) are available to generate 3D Motion for any rigging scenario.

For applications which venture beyond standard programming, eChameleon integrates tightly with Autodesk 3ds Max to allow partial or complete animation of your show, with unlimited possibilities.

The 3D Simulation View offers a full, visual representation of your automation system and can be imported from CAD models, or rapidly composed using a versatile library of standard automated objects.

For added peace of mind, eChameleon also features Collision Detection in three dimensions to give advance warning of unwanted interaction between multiple scenic elements.

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