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UltraRail Series

Effects Master Energy

The Effects Master Energy Series Delivers An Energy-Efficient Way To Get High Output Black Light.

If power consumption is a big concern, the Effects Master Energy Series offers the highest output versus power consumption ratio on the market. At 85% of the brightness of the Effects Master Deluxe (configured with two black light lamps), it draws only 1 Amp of power per fixture, allowing you to put up to 15 fixtures on a single circuit.

To put it another way, you’re sacrificing only about 15% of output in order to save drastically on power costs. This energy efficient design saves you money on the cost of the fixture, the cost of installation and wiring, and most importantly, long term operating costs.

If you’re operating a lot of backlight fixtures in a large space (such as a bowling center, laser tag arena, miniature golf, etc.) the savings can be significant. It’s the best of both worlds: you get to experience the ultra-bright “Wildfire Effect” while also saving on hardware and energy costs.

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