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Effects Master VHO

Effects Master VHO

Introducing the Effects Master VHO: The World’s Most Powerful Fluorescent Black Light.

This powerhouse of a fixture can flood an entire warehouse with black light—which is exactly what it was designed for.

If you need to cover a large area for the lowest possible cost, the Effects Master VHO is the solution.

The electronic VHO (Very High Output) ballast, among other features, is what’s responsible for such awesome output. It overdrives each of FOUR lamps up to 80W, giving you 320 Watts of raw black light power.

In addition to all the standard features of the Effects Master Series (see below), the VHO features an onboard power switch and Neutrik PowerCON AC Input and Output jacks, allowing you to daisy chain up to three fixtures to a single power source. That should save you a few wiring headaches.

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